While numerous improvements have been made to the Briot Attitude Edger, our most innovative features have been included in the tracer / blocker. The Attitude truly changes the game by being the first tracer / blocker to integrate wavefront lens analysis in the device.

The Attitude Tracer / Blocker is also backward compatible with the Briot Alta Series Edging Systems.

Briot Attitude Automatic Tracer / Blocker / Wavefront Lens Analyzer

Features include:

  • Patented Gravitech® optical lens tracer
  • Patented Truscan® angled high base curve wrap frame tracer
  • 3D traces using gravity to interpolate the z-axis of the lens
  • Traces demo lenses and patterns with amazing speed, accuracy, and precision
  • Wavefront progressive lens analysis, an industry first
  • Easy positioning of the frame
  • Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation
  • Frame thickness and groove position tracing for achieving a flawless fit
  • Backward compatibility with ALTA lens edging systems
  • Memory to store 5000 jobs(10000 shapes)
  • Parallax and prism-free camera blocking
  • Easy, one finger operation
  • Completely automatic blocking
  • Eliminates human error from manual blocking


Chemistrie Eyewear that ClicksSmart Design 2.0 Shape Design System
The Smart Design camera system helps increase the accuracy of shape reproduction far beyond what can be achieved with a conventional stylus.

Wavefront Power Mapping Technology
The Briot Attitude is one of the first tracer / blockers in the industry that incorporates wavefront power mapping technology directly into the unit, the superimposition of the progressive lens design on the shape makes it incredibly easy to catch axis and sizing errors that would result in a poor fit for the patient.

Progressive Markings Recognition
Eliminate redos due to human error with automatic progressive marking recognition.

Gravitech® Patented Optical Tracing System
Gravitech is a non-contact optical tracing system that uses the gravity center of mass of the demo lens to accurately reproduce shape in 3 dimensions. 

An Ideal Interface
Easy to learn icons show you the lens exactly as it is after finishing, and to guide you throughout the edging process, giving you guidance and feedback when issues arise.

Truscan® Angled High Base-Curve Mechanical Frame Tracer
The Truscan angled tracer allows the probe to accurately trace extremely high base-curve frames with ease.