Accelerate the eye exam process with the The Canon RK-F2 Fully Automatic Refractor-Keratometer. It automatically aligns and acquires a reading for one eye and then continues to the opposite eye to perform the same function – all with the touch of a button.

Its lightweight, compact footprint, along with a USB host, 5.7 inch LCD monitor, an omni-directional joystick, and built-in printer with auto cutter make the RK-F2 Full Autorefractor-Keratometer a great tool in your ophthalmic suite.

Canon RK F2 Autorefractor KeratometerKey Features:

  • 3D Auto-Alignment
  • Auto-Shooting Retro-Illumination
  • Auto-Focus
  • 10 Ref/Kera measurement data memory per eye
  • Peripheral corneal measurement
  • Small pupil size
  • Wide diopter measurement range (-33D through +22D)
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Motorized chin rest
  • Motorized joystick control


At 2.0 mm, small pupil mode helps efficient screening and is very useful when a patient’s pupils are difficult to dilate. Short reaching distance between the operator and patient allows for a closer personal communication as well as easy access to the patient’s eyes.

The RK-F2 Ref-Keratometer provides a detailed view of the eye using infrared retro-illumination.  This is helpful for identifying cataracts, scars, vitreous opacity, and other serious eye problems.

Peripheral keratometry mode allows for accurate measurements for examining oblique astigmatisms and helps find the best fit for a contact lens. The RK-F2 Ref-Keratometer can be used to make a series of measurements at a 30 degree angle from the eye’s center along the attentive meridians.

The dioptric measurement range of -30D to +22D allows examination of strong myopia or hyperopia. The astigmatic measurement range extends from 0 to 10D. The radius of curvature extends from 5 to 10 mm (33.75D to 67.5D) for keratometry.

Confirm both the correct alignment and correct focus with advanced software.

The RK-F2 Ref-Keratometer is compact and can be used either sitting or standing, whichever is more comfortable for the operator. Weighing a little more than 33 pounds, the lightweight RK-F2 Ref-Keratometer maximizes small work areas and comfortably fits on a Canon instrument table (sold separately) with a Canon Full Auto Tonometer or Canon Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera (both sold separately). Keeping these machines next to one another can help make the exam process run smoother.

The 5.7 inch color LCD monitor tilts 40° making the RK-F2 Ref-Keratometer easy to use regardless of if the operator is sitting or standing. The sharp LCD display also includes multi-functional screen buttons that allows the operator to switch menus as they see fit.

The motorized omni-directional joystick with a fine focus dial makes it easy to align the patient's eye. All positioning can be performed with one hand which allows the other hand to work with the patient if needed. The top of the joystick button features a start button which can be pressed immediately once the patient is properly positioned.

The front-loaded, high speed built-in printer includes an auto cutter making it simple to remove the print-out. The ECO setting reduces the printing density and thereby conserves the paper necessary for printing by up to 50% as compared to printing without using this setting.