For those who do not need the GR-3500KA's Autofocus/Autotrack/Autostart ability, the Grand Seiko GR-3300K traditional autorefractor is a cost-effective alternative.

An excellent value without breaking the bank, the Grand Seiko GR-3300K's accuracy and reliability are identical to its pricier cousin.

GR 3300KW 800pxFeatures Include:

  • Icon based screen for a more inuitive user experience
  • Color LCD Display to make alignment easier
  • Auto Start - Once focused properly measurement occurs automatically. After measuring both eyes printing starts immediately.
  • Printer with Automatic Cutter
  • RS-232C Interface allows data to be transfered to a PC
  • Tonic Accommodation Measurement
  • Relax Function that reduces the margin of measurement error
  • Corneal Peripheral Measurement
  • Measures to a 2.3mm pupil diameter
  • Motorized Chin Rest