With the Burton XLC 4000s, movement control is powered with a quiet, low voltage DC motor. Rotation is a full 180 degrees. Incline can be controlled from both the chair side and control panel. Installation can be for either right hand or left hand operations. The Chair is fully flexible, rotating, and reclinable. The seat is polyurethane filled for the ultimate seating comfort. The headrest is adjustable with a single locking lever. The foot switch has fluid movement to all positions up, down, front, back and return.


Burton XLC 4000s Ophthalmic Chair and StandFeatures Include:

  • Quiet, smooth electrical operation of both the chair and slit lamp arm.
  • Modular slit lamp arm for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Instrument wells with charger indicator.
  • Variable overhead lamp.
  • Power and intensity control on stand.
  • Motorize adjustable instrument arm.
  • Additional arm and chair adjustment switch located on arm.
  • Multifunction chair and unit elevation control.