Always attentive to market expectations, Briot has developed new configurations for the existing Alta family of patternless edgers. Alta Pulse not only offers many functionalities to meet the needs of an eye care professional, but is also the result of continuous improvements, creating the one of the most stable and durable lens edgers.

Alta Pulse Patternless Lens EdgerFeatures include:

  • Variable Mini-Bevel
  • Tilted Bevel System
  • Angled Drilling
  • Inclined Grooving
  • Flexible Safety Beveling
  • Unique edging concept based on small 90mm edging wheels
  • Strong and precise lens measurement
  • Easy-to-learn human interface
  • Processing of all types of materials
  • Four cycles per material for secure edging
  • High finishing accuracy: 1/100mm

You can expect it all from Alta Pulse: it makes the best finishing, drilling, grooving and safety beveling, and it has a special bevel for curved shapes. It is fully versatile and can adapt to individual requirements.

Alta Pulse combines new features and new configurations with the simplicity and multi-functionality that have made Alta such a success.

Thanks to its history and to sound technological choices, Alta Pulse combines all of these new features with exceptional reliability.