This applanation tonometer is designed to function as an integral part of the Haag-Streit type slit lamps without interfering with routine slit lamp procedures. The unit swings from the top to the front of microscope head, where measurements are taken. The RU-900 measures intraocular pressure and reads directly in millimeters Hg. 

The accuracy of a reading is obtained regardless of corneal radius or scleral rigidity. Includes prism tip and calibration device. Prism tip is removable for sterilization

RU 900Features Include:

  • Measures Intraocular pressure
  • Works with "Haag-Streit" style slit lamps
  • Reads directly in milimeters Hg.
  • Removable Prism tip for sterilization
  • Includes prism tip and calibrationdevice