The WECO CAD 4 is a camera assisted semi-automatic blocker that is easily operated with remarkable accuracy. A large high-resolution color LCD screen offers a well organized and intuitive interface.

The CAD 4 also features the same optical scanning system as the C.5, further enhancing its feature set. A single button push allows a pattern or demo lens to be scanned automatically, including drill-holes.

cad 4 semi automatic blockerFeatures include:

  • Manual Decentration
  • Elimination of lensmeter means one less step in the lens preperation process
  • Camera assisted blocking
  • Semi-Automatic blocking
  • Automatic drill point recognition
  • Manual adjustment of drill points
  • Easily add or remove holes or slots
  • Modify hole diameter
  • Ability to add blind holes
  • Positioning accuracy within .05mm
  • Shape modification: both vertical and horizontal boxing can be modified by the operator
  • 10.5" Color Touchscreen
  • LCD User-friendly touch based interface
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Automatic calibration
  • Compliant with the VCA/OMA Communication Standard


drill point recognitionAutomatic Drill Point Recognition
Effortlessly process drill mount work without having to waste time programming coordinates

shape modificationAdvanced Shape Modification
Modify shapes as needed with the Cad 4's Robust shape modification tool