When developing the Weco Trace 3 3D Remote Tracer, we considered several points that are quite important to a modern practice: Easy, self-explanatory, and intuitive operation in addition to superior accuracy of shape traces. What is also important to us is improving the workflow and operation.

Before data is transmitted, traces can be checked thoroughly by the user. Varied fail-safes such as integrated help menus and data comparisons provide the user with additional guidance and help to avoid errors.

trace 3 3d tracerFeatures include:

  • Fully automatic three dimensional tracing
  • Seperate tracing modes for metal and plastic frames
  • Trace left eye, right eye, or both
  • 3D Tracing and detection of groove angle and bevel length
  • Automatic calculation of bridge width
  • Adjustable tracing speed for difficult frames
  • Automatic correction when tracer is dislodged from groove
  • Color LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Intuitive interface